Choosing Profitable Keywords Can Make Or Break You

Written by alain on June 23, 2009

Google AdWords…Keyword selection is not as easy as you might think so read this carefully! In fact, choosing profitable keywords and creating effective ad groups for them within your AdWords account is a major factor in whether your promotion will succeed or not.



One of the mistakes that most newbies make is to create a list of maybe 500 keywords, add them to their campaign using the same ad group and then just let it run. This is a major mistake and in most cases will leave you way out of pocket…


The Importance of Relevancy


To start, you’ll need to find keywords that are extremely relevant to your offer. Use Google’s Keyword tool and simply type the URL of the product you’re promoting. Use the ‘add’ option to place the words into the ‘Selected keywords’ section on the right hand side of the page then download them as a ‘txt’ file so you can continue with your research.


Clean Up Your Keyword List


After that you can look through the suggested keywords and scrap any that you think are irrelevant. When you get to the stage of submitting your chosen keywords into your AdWords campaign, Google will immediately ‘scan’ the URL of your landing page and determine whether the keywords you have chosen are relevant.


Google Quality Score System


Then, using their ‘quality score’ system, they will automatically compare each individual keyword with your landing page and ad text and decide how relevant it is. Google will then rank each of your keywords as either ‘poor’, ‘good’ or ‘great’.


Keywords with a ‘great’ quality score will:


1… Cost you less.


2… Appear higher in the results.


3… Get a better CTR (Click Through Rate).


Keywords with a ‘poor’ quality score could cost you as much as $5 – $10 per click, which obviously makes them unusable.


Google’s main concern is relevancy so if you start your keyword research using the results that they’ve suggested then base the rest of your research on these results, you’ll be on the right track.

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